Recovery Logistics

We respond quickly to unexpected events like hurricanes, winter storms, and floods to help businesses stay operational.

We manage basecamp logistics for power utility companies during service restoration, bring networks back online for telecom companies using temporary power solutions, and assist first responders and government agencies with essential services. With over 70 deployments, we have the expertise to ensure seamless execution under challenging conditions.

Our services encompass:

  1. Damage assessment logistics
  2. Assessor crews
  3. Temporary housing
  4. Shower and sanitation facilities
  5. Flagging support
  6. Fleet fueling
  7. Mobile cell sites on wheels (COLTS)
  8. Generator deployment, fueling, and maintenance.
  9. Transport logistics
  10. Essential supplies sourcing

Trust Alvarado Telecom to deliver reliable and efficient support, ensuring continuity and resilience in times of crisis.

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