Alvarado Telecom LLC is a pioneer in the telecom industry, providing innovative wireless solutions to communities across the nation.

At Alvarado Telecom LLC, we streamline every aspect of wireless infrastructure development, from site acquisition to maintenance upgrades. Our services include engineering, construction, integration, permitting, and maintenance.

1. Site Acquisition and Real Estate: We use our in-house A/E services to ensure efficient real estate transactions and timely project commencement.

2. Engineering and Project Management: Our experts oversee deployment from design to execution, ensuring precision and efficiency.

3. Construction and Civil Services: Our construction crews and civil engineers provide excellent services for building strong wireless networks.

4. Integration and Support: We offer in-building and DAS systems deployment, backhaul solutions using microwave and fiber, and troubleshooting expertise for seamless network integration.

5. Permitting and Program Management: Our dedicated program management team handles all permitting requirements, ensuring compliance and expediting project timelines.

6. Maintenance and Repair: Our technicians provide fast troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance services to keep networks running smoothly.

7. Logistics and Staffing: We offer staffing, warehousing, and logistics support to meet project demands efficiently.

At Alvarado Telecom LLC, we provide excellent wireless solutions. Our experienced management team, nationwide subcontractor network, and cutting-edge field reporting systems ensure customized service for each community.

Choose Alvarado Telecom LLC for all your wireless infrastructure development needs, and we promise to exceed your expectations with our quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.